Coal is a fossil fuel. Different types of coal is mined including coking coal, thermal coal, metallurgical coal, anthracite. Coal includes coal mining, coal processing, electricity, power generation, coal-fired power stations, thermal power, clean coal technologies, Eskom, carbon, carbon tax, coal processing equipment, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, coal washing, export coal,


TECH NEWS: How to treble your coal production

A coal producer in South Africa has increased its average monthly processed coal production from some 20 000 tons a month to just over 60 000 tons.

Collaborative mining and metals technology platform launched

MineHub Technologies has launched its platform designed to improve several facets of trading and environmental and social governance compliance.
MIP Process Technologies

MIP Process Technologies – Moving with the times

Level 1 black-owned and black-managed process equipment specialist MIP Process Technologies truly understands the key to success.

The Digital Mine: how miners are turning a vision into reality

African and South African companies at the forefront of both the creation of transformative digital technologies on the physical and digital rockface.
industry 4.0

TECH NEWS: Game-changing Industry 4.0 solutions

With digitalisation seeping into the mining industry and transforming day-to-day procedures Industry 4.0 is enhancing operation and process compliancy.

Tancoal sales for September lower than expected

Tancoal Energy sold 50,724 tonnes of coal in September 2019, sales were lower than the 68,792 tonnes sold in September 2018.
Blasting risk

Minimizing risk – raising the blasting bar higher

In every aspect of mining, the watchword is productivity. Drill and blast functions are no exception, and the pressure to perform is essential.
Coal B&E International

Crushing the coal market – crushing the competition

South Africa’s coal industry has become dependent on two key requirements to ensure their financial and operational success.

Six month results for Hwange Colliery somewhat gloomy

There was very little production in the first three months of the year due to a combination of working capital constraints and antiquated equipment.

Coal miners have a future for decades to come

Mark Creswell, Minerals Processing Consultant for DRA Global shares his opinion on why South Africa still has a promising future in the coal sector.

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