Tharisa: PGMs recovered at 82.2% with production of 34.4 koz

“Mining, accounting for the weather-related impact, was in line with expectations and we should see a build up towards the latter half of the year."
artisanal mining

Hope springs from sacrifice in West Africa’s gold mines

Several artisanal miners have lost their lives in the small gold-mining site of Tiemba, southern Mali, where several women and men alike mine gold in the hope that one day, the sacrifices they have made will result in striking gold and making a few hundred euros to turn their lives around.
zero harm

Zero Harm: Keep the momentum going

The mining industry has committed to ensuring a zero fatality rate by December 2020 and this focus was no less prominent in 2019.
Industrie 4.0

Embracing Industrie 4.0 and the ongoing need to digitise

Fact: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industrie 4.0) is not coming to mining in Africa – it’s already here – and in 2019...
Tailings safety

Health, safety and environment regulations need to be reassessed

It will nearly be twelve months since the Brumadinho tailings safety disaster in Brazil which claimed over two hundred and fifty lives.
Tailings safety

Tailings management: Zero tolerance for failure not negotiable

Tailings management fell directly into the spotlight in 2019 following a spate of tailings storage facility disasters over the last 24 months.
australian bushfires

Rio Tinto increases donation to Red Cross for Australian bushfire relief

Rio Tinto has donated a further A$750 000 to the Red Cross’ disaster relief and recovery efforts that are supporting people affected by Australia’s bushfire crisis.
safety ppe

South African PPE innovator develops spine protection gear

Current protective gear includes helmets, safety boots, overalls, and goggles, but none of these offer support to the spine, shoulders, ribs, or kidneys.

TECH NEWS: Preventing sick building syndrome

Monitoring devices able to detect high levels of carbon dioxide have been introduced to the local market to help detect poor air quality.

Epiroc: Setting the standard in loader automation

Scooptram Automation Total available from Epiroc offers one of the highest levels of loader automation bringing new standards of productivity.

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